Food isn’t just fuel, it can also be fun! At Camp CHOP, aspiring chefs age 10-17 can learn the basics of cooking, baking, and kitchen safety to start building healthy eating habits in a fun, engaging environment.

Our instructional team of professional chefs, veteran teachers, camp professionals, and scientists know what it takes to inspire young chefs with healthy food choices. Let’s explore more about why that’s so important.

Kids and Nutrition

Kids and teens are at a stage of important physical and developmental growth. To sustain their bodies and help them feel their best, they need the proper nutrients. Teaching kids about cooking can get them interested in nutrition and help them establish healthy eating habits from a young age. 

According to the Medical Associates of Northwest Arkansas, teaching kids to cook can help them:

  • Learn how to read nutrition labels along with other nutrition tips
  • Understand portion sizes and what it takes to make a balanced meal
  • Tell the difference between fresh food and processed foods, while understanding why one is better than the other
  • Know how different food preparation can affect its nutritional value

At Camp CHOP, our campers learn how to make nutritious meals that also taste great! You might just be lucky enough to try some when your little chef returns home and shows off their new skills in the kitchen.

Benefits of Teaching Kids To Cook

Along with learning more about taking care of their bodies, kids can also gain a better understanding of themselves from cooking classes. KidsHealth explains that cooking can help young children and teens grow up to be more adventurous and confident. As campers gain new skills in the kitchen, they are tasked with trying new ingredients and food they may not otherwise eat. Having had a hand in making it, many kids are more likely to give it a try before determining if they like it or not.

Similarly, cooking has been shown to boost confidence. Campers are often placed out of their comfort zone to make new dishes with unique ingredients and techniques they may have never tried. They’re then able to show off their final creation and see their hard work pay off — even if the process wasn’t exactly perfect. This can help them realize that trying new things isn’t scary and empower them to be more confident and creative in the classroom as well.

About Camp CHOMP

Camp CHOP is a culinary summer camp for kids and teens interested in learning how to cook and bake. We always ensure our campers have a fun, engaging, educational, and above all, safe time learning from our team of culinary experts. Along with culinary core activities, campers are also encouraged to choose their own elective adventures and participate in classic camp activities to make lifelong friends.

Is your camper hungry for more? Camp CHOP is reopening for the 2022 season and it’s never too early to register your child. Contact the team today for more information on Camp CHOP’s programs and registration for 2022.

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