Camp CHOP’s Approach to Summer 2022


In looking toward Summer 2022, there is much we know and much we can’t know yet about how camp will operate.  We are optimistic because of the successful experiences of many residential camps that operated all over the US in 2020 and in 2021.  Through research of those camp preparations and execution along with increased knowledge available on COVID mitigation protocols, our team is diligently working on plans and procedures to operate a safe and substantive summer program for our campers.

As it is every year, the health and safety of our campers and staff are top priority.  We know additional mitigation protocols will need to be in place to best reduce the risk of exposure.

All camp procedures and protocols will be developed using the guidance from the American Camp Association (ACA) Field Guide, as well as State and local health department.

Please know that if COVID-19 is still a risk, we will take *conservative* safety measures to ensure our programs are as safe as possible for your family. Community health and risk management have always been paramount for us, but COVID-19 has demonstrated the importance of parent partnership on an unprecedented level. If the virus is still a threat, participation at AstroCamp will require you and your family to help us keep our camp community safe from outbreaks. 

COVID Vaccination Requirement: Clarification Update – 03/04/2022This summer, we will require campers and staff to be FULLY vaccinated against COVID-19 before camp begins.

What does “fully vaccinated” mean? Per the CDC, a person is considered “fully vaccinated” if they have received their primary series of the COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer/Moderna: x2 doses – J&J: 1 dose) AND are 2 weeks post-completion of that series. Campers are NOT required to have a booster to attend camp this summer.

Campers and staff with medical exemptions will be allowed at camp with verified documentation from their physician. Personal exemptions will not be accepted.


We encourage you to contact our team with any specific questions:

email:  |  phone: 434-454-4059

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