Does my camper need a physical? (Medical information)

YES. The physician’s examination form for medical information is available through the “Forms & Documents” link on your online account. Have this form completed by your physician prior to the start of camp. The physical must have taken place within one year of the start of their enrolled session.

If there are any activities that you DO NOT wish your camper to participate in, please contact the Summer Camp Director.

Once the required forms have been completed, there are THREE OPTIONS for returning these documents.

  • A. FAX (PREFERRED) – There should be a small bar code located in the lower right hand corner of each page of the forms. Be sure when faxing these documents back, that the bar code is visible. Please fax those documents to (434) 549-0161.
  • B. UPLOAD AS A PDF (PREFERRED) – To upload these documents, log into your account and click the “Camp Forms & Documents” link, then find the appropriate corresponding form. You will see an upload arrow on the right side of the section. Click the upload arrow and follow the instructions to correctly upload the documents.
  • C. SNAIL MAIL – If you are unable to fax or upload the documents you can mail the forms to our physical address:
    Attn: Summer Camp Registrar, 27282 Calle Arroyo, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675.

All prescribed or over-the-counter medication needed by a camper will be collected at check-in by the nurse. Accurate instructions must accompany each medication. ALL MEDICATIONS MUST BE IN THEIR ORIGINAL PRESCRIBED CONTAINERS. Please do not put them into pill cases, zip locks, etc. Campers will have access to their medication through the nurse’s office. Campers flying in must put medication in a carry-on bag to be turned in upon arrival at camp.

  •  DIETARY NEEDS: If your camper requires a special diet please click the “Forms & Documents” link and list this on the health history form. If your camper has a more severe allergy, please inform us at least two weeks prior to the camp session.
  •  PHYSICAL NEEDS: If special accommodations are needed for your camper to fully participate in the program, please contact our office at (434) 454-4059 at least one month before camp begins.

Please call the business office at (434) 454-4059 to discuss the specifics of your child’s illness and if he/she is healthy enough to start camp. The health of your camper has an effect on the health of the entire camp community. If ill, a doctor’s release will be necessary at check in.

The medical professional on site will make an informed decision about whether or not the parent or guardian needs to be contacted based on the severity of the illness or injury. The primary parent or guardian will be contacted by phone.

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